Monday, February 21, 2005

Velocity Day 1

Velocity has officially begun! To start with I'll outline what the final draft of the diet is.

1 egg cooked in microwave omlette tray
1 cup spinach, cooked with egg
1 tbsp olive oil drizzled over omlette

total calories: 121

Oil Supplement:
5 tsp cod liver oil throughout day

total calories: 225

Fiber Supplement:
25g psyllium/milled flax seed mixture throughout day

total calories: negligible

Vegetable Supplement:
3 tbsp Greens+ taken with psyllium mixture

total calories: negligible

Protein Supplement:
251 g Power Whey taken in 5-6 shakes*

total calories: 1050

Post Workout Carbohydrate Supplement:
250 ml 1% Chocolate Milk

total calories: 208

Eating like this, I'll be getting 1396 cal on a non-exercise day and 1604 cal on an exercise day. Also, as per my *, I'm using Power Whey as my protein supplement right now, but I'll be using a different supplement each time I need to replace my container. This way I won't get as sick of the flavor, and I'll hopefully be minimizing my chances of suffering from a deficiency of a nutrient one particular mixture might be low in. I'm also taking a multivitamin, split in two & taken 6 hours apart to maximize my absorption.

Day 1 so far is a success. I passed my first temptation this after noon when I was out with my roommate scouting for a new place for next year. He decided to get lunch & bought a $5 pizza from Little Caesar's. So we're driving along in his little sedan with an entire pizza in the front seat with me... and he offers me a slice! I didn't have any but I hope they make pizza flavored crystal light to help me through the next few weeks.

I'm trying to be conscious of how this diet affects my concentration & memory and if I find myself lightheaded at all I'm going to consider upping my carbohydrate intake. No real minimum recommended carbohydrate intake exists; i've read values anywhere from 10g daily to 100g daily. The outline I described above gives me 50-75g daily (depending on whether I drink the chocolate milk) which I'm going to adjust if I feel I need more. So far I feel okay, but further updates will see how I am after a few more days of this. Surprisingly, I don't feel hungry at all. I'm consuming calories every 2-3 hours or more, and the fiber supplements fill me up so I'm thinking hunger might not be as limiting as I'd predicted. Once again, a few more days will tell a more complete story on that! I work tonight as well so I'll guage how my current carb intake affects my work performance & see if that's up to par.

To summarize, day 1 is well under way & is a success so far. I'm organized & ready to have my way with this diet. Wish me luck!